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All staff of OPENHAHAHA welcome you. We will provide you with the most sincere service in accordance with the relevant content notices, terms and conditions and requirements specified in the following agreement. In addition, when you use any service column related to OPENHAHAHA, you will be deemed to have agreed to all the following lists Details of the terms. OPENHAHAHA.com reserves the right to change this website and these terms and conditions at any time.

Without the consent of the management of this site, no one shall copy, distribute, display, resell all content information in the OPENHAHAHA website to create derivative works, translation, modification, disassembly, decompilation, etc. in various ways Take and use any part of the information in this website. For commercial purposes or agency promotion, etc., you need to contact the staff of this site in advance and obtain a written authorization to use the data content of this site. OPENHAHAHA reserves the right to reject bad buyers, terminate accounts, and cancel orders, including but not limited to situations where OPENHAHAHA believes that customer behavior violates applicable laws or damages OPENHAHAHA’s interests.

Without permission, you are not allowed to use the interactive section of this website to upload and distribute all kinds of information that damage anyone's rights. When using OPENHAHAHA.com, you are fully responsible for protecting the security and confidentiality of your account, password, and identity information. . In the event of any use of your personal account password to log in without your own consent, the OPENHAHAHA staff should be notified as soon as possible. If you register successfully, you will automatically subscribe to the latest interactive preferential information items related to OPENHAHAHA by default. We will send SMS, emails, information, etc., if you don’t need to know the latest promotions, you can proceed directly if there are any discounts and preferential items in the daily life. unsubscribe.


You warrant that your Submissions, in whole or in part, are clear and free of any IP right infringement, disputes or third party claims. OPENHAHAHA assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright or any other rights of third parties by you. You undertake to defense for and indemnify the Sponsor against any losses caused due to the use of the entries for any purposes.


Review and comment

All the knowledge, skills, ideas, creativity, comments, questions, data and other content information and text characters posted to this site using your personal account will be directly for non-personal exclusive use and suspected confidentiality, except In addition to personal identification information and portrait rights, OPENHAHAHA has the right to lease, transmit, adapt, and create derivative works submitted in any way and form, and to translate, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile such submissions. It belongs to the exclusive property of OPENHAHAHA, which will not be returned to you and will not cause any interest link problems with you personally.



All online merchandise goods will be sent from different regional warehouses, and the tax delivery has not yet been completed. Therefore, the package may incur relevant tariffs or import tariffs, and the incurred commodity taxes and fees, if the page does not clearly indicate the tax package of this site, all the cost derivative issues in the order transaction must be paid by the customer. If the customer rejects the package due to import duties or taxes, it will default to agreeing to bear all costs and responsibilities in the entire transaction process, and they will be fully responsible for all costs involved in the entire process.


Customer Code of Conduct Policy

In OPENHAHAHA, more attention is paid to the quality of the product during production and the texture and satisfaction of customers during use. In order to allow customers to enjoy more professional services, we will conduct training from time to time and discover deficiencies, and strive to quickly solve all customer problems with the most professional attitude and method. In order to allow customers to have a better service experience, we will not tolerate any unacceptable or unreasonable behavior to our customer service team members.

Unacceptable behavior directed at customer service personnel or OPENHAHAHA's website may include any of the following: attacking, insulting, threatening, rumors, etc., against the company and staff in any different form, including all sites and social networking other than this site The platform must not involve any unconfirmed rumors and threats and other negative threatening behaviors. Once discovered, the promoter should automatically assume all the website losses caused by personal actions.

Complaint escalation process

When logging in to OPENHAHAHA.com, if the customer has any dissatisfaction with the on-site service or customer service staff, he can submit complaints and suggestions directly online for feedback, which will help the customer service supervisor to deal with it in a timely manner.