5 tips on how to clean plush cat slippers

Wearing our plush cat slippers is a very pleasant thing. It can not only keep our feet warm, but also see the cute cats smiling at you, giving you a wonderful day. Feeling. In order to make our plush cat slippers better warm, we fill the shoes with a large amount of polyester fiber which has very good thermal insulation. This also creates an inevitable problem if you use it in a humid environment or do not use it in a humid environment. If you accidentally get wet and you don't notice it in time, the large amount of plush material in the shoes will absorb moisture and may produce odor. This is not a good time, so what should you do? We have also tested during research and found that the following 5 methods can effectively remove the odor caused by improper use of cat slippers. Openhahaha hopes that cat slippers can continue to keep you in a happy mood!
Plush cat slippers
Method 1: Alcohol dipped in cotton
We all know that alcohol is one of the most powerful tools for disinfection and sterilization. In addition to being used for skin wounds and medical equipment, it is also a magic weapon to save cotton mops!
Alcohol removes odor from cat slippers

First, dip a piece of cotton as big as a quarter of your palm in some alcohol. Don’t dip it in too much. A thin layer on the surface will suffice! Then stuff it into the deepest part of the cat slippers. Do not leave it outside to prevent the alcohol from evaporating. If you leave it like this for one night, you will find that the odor is gone the next day!

Method 2, camphor balls
Is there always a big bag of moth balls left that is useless? That’s because you haven’t discovered its hidden capabilities yet! You can crush them into powder with a heavy object and spread evenly inside the shoes. This is because they can remove moisture from the shoes, causing a large number of bacteria to die in a dry environment, and naturally take away part of the odor!
Mothballs remove odor from cat slippers
Method 3, tea bag
Do you think the tea bags you have used have no effect? of course not! You can try putting it into a cotton mop to remove odors, of course the farther inside the mop, the better. At the same time, put them in the sun to bathe. When the tea bags are completely dry, the odor will be completely gone!
Tea bags remove odor from cat slippers
Method 4. Fresh orange peel
This season is also when oranges are active in major markets! However, you can also reuse the peeled skin. Stuff five or six flaps of skin into a shoe and leave it for about three to four days. The orange peel will dry slowly and the odor will be well absorbed.
Orange peel removes odor from cat slippers
Method 5. Deodorant
If you feel that none of the above methods are suitable for you, you can also go to the market to buy a special deodorant and spray it into the shoes, which can also have an excellent fragrance effect!

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